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Community Service

Community Service Mission

An attribute that the FWPA strives to foster in our students is leadership initiative. Leadership is best demonstrated through service to others. The nature of this service will vary according to grade level, but the school’s goal is to foster a sense of leadership through service to others or Leadership Through Service (LTS)

  • Connects students to projects in the community
  • Provides support to our community
  • Promotes leadership and critical thinking skills
  • Develops civic responsibility
  • Fosters collaborative relationships and the interpersonal skills with peers and adults
  • Increases awareness of social problems
  • Learn ways to effect change
  • Fosters self esteem and self-awareness
  • Promotes understanding of diversity issues.
  • Enhance degree and career planning.

How It's Done

  • Student Driven
  • Direct experience
  • Reflection
  • Reciprocity of learning and benefits

Community Service Log